Society is more demanding every day with the sustainability of energy and materials to recycle to become a greener and better world.

Metalnostrum Recycling 2016, SL, and its team team have been in the non-ferrous metal and plastic recycling sector for many years, exporting cleaner materials and which are prepared for their correct reinsertion in foundries and extruders so that they reappear as raw materials or semi-finished products consumed by various businesses in different sectors.

We are present throughout the local Spanish market and we have two recycling plants, one fully dedicated to the recycling of POST-INDUSTRIAL AEROSPACE materials located in Seville and another plant of very close collaboration for the recycling of POST-CONSUMER non-ferrous metals located in Girona (Barcelona). The plants in Girona and Arbúcies is Joint-Venture, which have about 25,000 m2 + 100.000 m2 + 100.000 m2 of open and closed space, heavy machinery and is mostly focused on aluminum production.

We have been serving post-consumer materials to many companies and foundries worldwide and for this we always offer guaranteed qualities in an increasingly demanding environment and a professional service with great export knowledge.

We have a wide network of suppliers and clients with many years of collaboration both in Spain and Europe and in the rest of the world and we are well informed of regulations in different countries to be able to deliver the best materials in the best ways and keeping in mind the particularities from each market.

The plants count with a complete line of aluminum shredding (pre-shredder 750hp, hammer-shredder 2500hp), a complete sieving line (tumbler, zigzags, eddie currents, pointers), a flotation plant by X-Rays, delacker and balers.